Fitbit Fitness Time

I have written previously about my impulsivity and constantly changing exercise kicks and phases. I have a new fitness phase to discuss! I recently purchased a Fitbit after a week long vacation of doing nothing but eating too much and lying on the beach. I researched all the newest activity and heart rate trackers. I knew I did not want to spend more than $200.00 and I wanted it to look subtle enough that I could wear it to work and not have it stand out.

After researching over 5 different trackers (Garmin, Polar, and Basis Peak), I narrowed it down to the Fitbit Charge HR and the Jawbone UP3. The Fitbit was $150.00 and the Jawbone UP3 was $180.00. They were very similar in features including tracking steps, calories, sleep and with wireless apps and syncing capabilities. The big differences were that the Fitbit tracked your heart rate continuously and the Jawbone only tracked your resting heart rate (see the websites for more descriptions on how the heart rate tracking works). Also, the Jawbone had better sleep tracking (your REM, light sleep and awake cycles), but was more expensive and did not have any external display.

So far I have enjoyed wearing the Fitbit Charge. It has definitely made me more aware of the amount of exercise I was getting daily, and it was not nearly as much as I thought! The Fitbit suggests a goal of 10,000 steps a day which is recommended by American Heart Association. I have only achieved over 10,000 steps twice and they have been days where I have been very active, walking over 4.5 miles and am usually very achy and sore the next day. I decreased my step goal to 7500 steps a day and am averaging 5 to 6 thousand a day, meeting my goal of 7500, two to three times a week. It has definitely pushed me to take that extra 30 minute walk on my lunch break, walk up that extra flight of stairs or park farther away at the grocery store. Hopefully it will continue to keep me motivated. Fitbit fitness time!

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