Trying to Conceive

My Adventure into Acupuncture

I have been told many times before to try acupuncture for my Arthritis. However I always felt that in the case of my aggressive form of JRA (where even the most new and effective biologics couldn’t control my disease activity) that acupuncture wouldn’t be able to help me either. However, after my recent miscarriage I felt that I wanted to do everything that I could to provide myself with the best chance of having a successful pregnancy. There has been mixed evidence on the effectiveness of acupuncture aiding fertility, IVF and pregnancy, but generally the conclusions are that it may help sustain a pregnancy and it certainly will not cause harm. Furthermore, there is evidence on the effectiveness of acupuncture helping with Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms. Unfortunately there is no evidence on the effectiveness of acupuncture and glaucoma. But helping 2 out of 3 of my conditions isn’t bad!


So I researched acupuncturists in my area, focusing on those that have experience with infertility. I found a small practice within 10 minutes from my house that had good reviews. I arrived at my initial consultation at a large office building. My acupuncturist greeted me warmly and brought me into a small treatment room with a massage table. She went over the five page medical history that I had filled out prior to my appointment and answered all my questions. Then we started the needles! I am not afraid of needles but I was slightly anxious of how they would feel. The needles pinched a little when they went in but it wasn’t too uncomfortable. She put needles in my wrist, ankles, feet, stomach, ears and top of my head and then she left for about 30 minutes and I was told to relax. I definitely had a hard time relaxing on this first session but overall I really enjoyed the experience.20160515_153102

I have gone back about five times since that first appointment and I find myself looking forward to each session. My acupuncturist remembers what is happening to me each week and I am more and more relaxed each session. I
even let her try “cupping” at my previous appointment. Cupping is supposed to increase blood flow to specific acupuncture points. Although it looks really painful, it didn’t hurt, I promise! I was a little sore for a few days afterwards and the marks took about a week to fade.

Even though I may not continue the cupping treatment, I am going to continue with my adventure in acupuncture.

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